Educator's Guide


Our Educator's Guide is intended for use before, during, or after a visit to Ice Age Imperials.

The guide is appropriate for all grade levels and is designed so that you can extract grade-level-appropriate content for your class. Any and all pages may be copied for use in the classroom.

You may download a sample copy of the Educator's Guide below. If you would like to request a copy of the complete 40-page Educator's Guide, please fill out the form below.

Ice Age Imperials Educator's Guide

The Ice Age Imperials Educator's Guide is property of The Antiquities Company LLC. Use of the guide is for educational purposes only. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.


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Treasuring the Past

Our Philosophy

The Antiquities Company is committed to educating people about ancient life on earth. Our primary interest is dinosaurs???how they looked and how they lived.

We seek to create products that are both ultra-realistic works of art and flexible educational tools.

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