• Amazing Dinosaurs!

    Amazing Dinosaurs!

    'Amazing Dinosaurs!' recounts the rise and fall of the dinosaurs. Featuring exciting interactive displays, life-like recreations and authentic dinosaur fossils that may be touched by visitors, the traveling exhibit will transport you to an era long before humans were earth's dominant species.
  • ICE AGE: Frozen Secrets

    ICE AGE: Frozen Secrets

    ICE AGE: Frozen Secrets is a traveling museum exhibit that tells the story of the Ice Age. Its exciting interactive displays make the drama of the majestic animals that dominated the age accessible to all.
  • Prehistoria Colleciton

    Prehistoria Collection

    Meet the dinosaurs, brought to life in vivid detail in the Antiquities Company's Prehistoria Collection. These digitally rendered posters depict the dinosaurs and their environments with stunning imagination and painstaking attention to the scientific record.
  • Merchandise

    Merchandising Opportunities

    In addition to The Prehistoria Collection, we offer a variety of merchandising opportunities including t-shirts, apparel, and accessories. All merchandise is custom ordered and fulfilled based on customer needs.

The Antiquities Company celebrates the creatures that roamed the earth during prehistoric times. We offer original traveling exhibits that feature interactivity, striking centerpiece dioramas and exciting learning opportunities.  

Our present products include the Prehistoria Collection of dinosaur posters available for museum gift shop resale.